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The Kaleke Kasome Foundation (KAKAF) is a not for profit, non-sectarian and non-political organization born out of the song ‘Kaleke Kasome’. Founded in 2014 and officially registered as a Ugandan not-for-profit Organisation in 2018, the foundation was formed with the aim of creating awareness about, and finding solutions to end Defilement in Uganda. Defilement has led to teenage pregnancy, early marriage, fistula, school drop-out, and the worst case scenario being increased infant mortality rates and maternal deaths. KAKAF is therefore committed to contributing towards the health and holistic development of children with a focus on the girl child through advocacy for Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), sensitization of parents, guardians, and communities about the rights and responsibilities of children.

“Literary the term ‘Kaleke Kasome’ is translated into ‘let the child go to school’.


 In 2005, a song entitled “Kaleke Kasome” was sung by our very own Muhasa Maurice aka Maurice Hasa; current founder and programs director of Kaleke Kasome Foundation. Then aged sixteen years old, like many artists who tell stories about society through positive impact of music on society. The song was based on a distant memory of a four year old girl that was abused by a neighbor she trusted. She was later successfully rehabilitated but the memories of the incidence and the effect they had on her and her family left deep scars. Though he was young, his innocent heart witnessed all this cruelty and abuse of trust. Since then, he vowed to change mindsets and curb child abuse; like the title of the song says, ‘Kaleke Kasome.’


It is from this background that the organisation was founded fourteen years later in 2014. The main purpose of the organisation is to change mindsets and curb the rampant sexual abuse of girls by creating awareness about this vice through finding effective and sustainable solutions through sensitizing communities about effects of sexual abuse of children.

Our Mission

Supporting communities through Education & Empowerment of both the boys and girls.

Our Vision

A community which fully respects and enhances the values of girls.

Core Values

Children involvement and participation, Teamwork, Accountability, Honesty and integrity, & Discipleship

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