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With the majority of adolescent girls in rural communities of Uganda struggling to live decent lives due to the hailing poverty, menstrual hygiene management becomes a nightmare to many who lack basic knowledge and sanitary wear to help them decently manage menstruation, where most young girls find themselves in compromising situations and end up using dirty rags, toilet paper or anything in their disposal to help them control the blood flow, something that has resulted into other dangerous infections. To help fill the information gap, KAKAF is training young people in rural communities to make reusable sanitary pads, where pads made are freely distributed to adolescent girls from poor families whose parents cannot afford them, yet they are essential for the girl child as she studies and interacts with peers in society. With your donation, we will be able to train more young people through to use clean available materials in their disposal to make pads through our program/approach of ‘Each-One-Teach-ONE’, to ensure sustainability.

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