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Ndiwanjawulo is a luganda word meaning “I am special.” This project focuses at providing a safe environment for the girl child. This environment should be rape free, defilement free, respectful, supports education of a girl child, listens and guides the child hence enables full exploration of the girl child potential.

In this project we talk to the children and the parents, community leaders, and all the people in the community, through awareness on the rights of the child and responsibilities. It also addresses issues concerning the sexual reproductive health of the children.This through the Saturday activities at the center, school outreaches and community outreaches. Children from the different communities collect at our centers on Saturdays for different activities like life skills trainings, focus group discussions, and peer to peer trainings, among others. We have empowered these Saturdays through collaborations with other organizations/partners who come in to talk and inspire the children.

We also use the peer educator model were the children are the teachers to their peers. Since peers have much influence on fellow peers, we empower them with the right information which they can give to their peers hence making the right decisions.

We also focus at using the social media platforms ( tweeter, face book, watassp, etc.) to engage the world as a global about the development and challenges facing a girl child.