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Core program areas

In order for Kaleke Kasome Foundation to advocate, protect and promote the values of the girl child, the Kaleke Kasome children’s centre has been established in Mpigi town – Mayembe Upper

The core program areas of the foundation include;

Educational center for children`s welfare

The national Children Act seeks to guarantee for the rights protection and other socio economic benefits to children through its much cherished welfare principal. The KalekeKasome Children’s center will ensure that parents, guardians and communities get to access knowledge about this principal and the law championing advocacy for the rights of the child.

This is being done through projects like kyogereko;

This is where the foundation has set up a plat form for parents and local leaders, government leaders and concerned parties meet and discuss the issues hindering the girl child development and full potential exploration.

Educational center for children

Children have a right to education. The government has through the Universal Primary Education program ensured this is to some extent achieved. KalekeKasome children’s center will provide an assortment for children’s books with many/lots of educational content in the library for children.

Mentorship program

All children lookup to us adults to find or forge a way forward in life. Right from childhood, we all as children admired the adults in our lives. The center will have guests that will from time to time contribute to the center’s mentorship program of mentoring our children. This is to be role models to the children and encourage them to be better citizens. This is done through inviting the different icons like musicians, leaders, business women and men, among others.

Playground for children

Children have the right to play. Through playing, children get to exercise and also socialize with their friend’s in order to build lasting relationships. Development of a child is holistic, not only involving developing of the mind through education but also the body through exercise. Children get to exercise through exercising and enjoying their right to play.

Life skills training

The center will teach the children about life skills and talent development. Teaching the children life skills will help prepare for the world they will soon find themselves living in. Children have special talents, whose full potentials we can help them achieve. At the center, our team will identify and nurture these talents.

Peer educational center

Children need a person they can identify with especially in terms of age (peers). However most often than not, these peers turn out to be the negative influences on the children. This influence is very strong owing to the fact that these children normally look up to these peers. At the center, we shall mentor children to be good examples to their peers.

Environmental preservation

We cannot alienate ourselves from the environment as it is and always will be a part of us. The children’s center will teach children about the environment, its preservation and effects of environmental degradation