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One afternoon in 1994, the unthinkable happened to a 4 year old little girl named Sharon [ Not her real name ] in Namuwongo, a suburb in the outskirts of Kampala, who was defiled by a 36 year old man in her neighborhood, and left for dead in a pool of blood laying unconscious.
She was later found and successfully rehabilitated but the memories of the incident and the after effect they had on her and her family left deep scars.

It is from this background that the organization – Kaleke Kasome Foundation was born 14 years later in 2014 to change mindsets and curb sexual abuse of girls by creating awareness about the practice and finding effective/lasting solutions to end the vise by also sensitizing communities about the effects of sexual assault on the girl child.

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In order for Kaleke Kasome Foundation to advocate, protect and promote the values of the girl child, the Kaleke Kasome children’s centre has been established in Mpigi town - Mayembe Upper

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